Mord an Emos in Irak

Islamisten haben laut Haaretz 14 Jugendlichliche umgebracht, in anderen Medien ist von 90 die Rede, weil sie Emos waren:

At least 14 youths have been stoned to death in Baghdad in the past three weeks in what appears to be a campaign by Shi‘ite militants against youths wearing Western-style „emo“ clothes and haircuts, security and hospital sources say.

Militants in Shi‘ite neighborhoods where the stonings took place circulated lists on Saturday naming more youths targeted to be killed if they do not change the way they dress.
Emo – Dreamstime

The killings took place after Iraq’s interior ministry drew attention to the „emo“ subculture last month, labeling it „Satanism“ and ordering a community police force to stamp it out.

„Emo“ is a form of punk music developed in the United States. Fans are known for their distinctive dress, often including tight jeans, T-shirts with logos and distinctive long or spiky haircuts.

At least 14 bodies of youths have been brought to three hospitals in eastern Baghdad bearing signs of having been beaten to death with rocks or bricks, security and hospital sources told Reuters under condition they not be identified because they were not authorized to speak to the media.


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