David is looking for freedom…

aber bestimmt nicht in Kuba. Denn wie er zur Sowietunion stand hat er in folgendem Lied schon besungen:

David Hasselhoff – Lights In The Darkness

Darling – why are you crying ?
I know it hurts to lose someone you love
But you know what – life can still be beautiful
And baby, let me also tell you this :
There is so much sadness in this world
But you have so many things which other people don’t have
So think positive
Life must go on and trust me
The world will change

The lights in the darkness will shine for the people in russia
Europe will win, perestroika from poland to romania
The lights in the darkness will shine
There’s no reason to cry all day
Millions of people are dreaming to live like you
The better way

und hier das aktuelle Video von ihm! Er ist einfach der coolste! :D

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2 Antworten auf „David is looking for freedom…“

  1. 1 josef starline 25. August 2006 um 12:01 Uhr

    Kuba war nie Teil der Sowjetunion.

  2. 2 phex 25. August 2006 um 19:10 Uhr

    ist mir klar! aber beides realexistierender sozialismus…

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